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Hey Everyone,

After a very long absence from DA I am finally back and with a ton of new work. The past few months have been hectic between conventions, financial issues, and computer death I have not had much time for anything.

But I am back and you will be seeing a ton of new work from me.

Hope you enjoy.
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Saturday May 5th is Free Comic Book Day and I will be signing copies of IDW's Magic the Gathereing comic at a local comic shop. I will be at Larger Than Life Toys and Comics from 10 AM - 1 PM. So if you want copies of Magic signed, have any questions for me, or just want to say hi feel free to sop on by.

I will also be selling some signed copies of my printed trading cards, postcards, and possibly even some large prints. If you are interested in getting some swag.

Hopefully I will see you there.

Larger Than Life is located at the Great Northern Mall
4155 Rt. 31 Clay, NY 13041
(315) 622-1891
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One note before I go into it I want to say that because of my lack of being on DA I did not have the time to respond to all those who faved my work so I am sorry for that. I will be better about it from now on. However, I did respond to all those who commented and watched. Now on to business.

For those unaware at the beginning of February IDW released issue #1 of Wizards of the Coast's Magic the Gathering comic. Why this is relevant is because I am the colorist for the project, and man has it been an awesome experience. The linework by Martin is great and the story is fabulous.

So for those of you into comics go check it out I am sure you will enjoy it. And for those of you who exclusively play magic try and refrain form one pack of boosters and instead buy the comic, it does come with a free special edition card.

Also as I am writing this today will be the release for issue #2 so get on that.
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Hello everyone. It has been a long time indeed between updates. Much longer than I would have liked but many a thing has kept me away. So, here is a synopsis of what I have been doing these past few months.

One of the unfortunate things that has delayed me is the surgery I had to undertake. It was nothing major just had to have my gallbladder removed but still put me behind on work and caused issues. However, I am successfully recovering and now can eat the fatty food that I so desperately missed.

There was some better news that I was also given. I am now finished with graduate school. I attained my MFA degree in illustration from Syracuse University. And I must say thank you to all the great professors there who helped me truly grow as an artist.

I have also been involved in some very interesting jobs as of late one of which you may be more familiar with if you follow me on facebook. But if not expect a nice long update on that tomorrow.

That is all for now it is great to be back and can not wait to share all the latest news with all those who follow.
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With NY Comic Con done it is now Illuxcon that is on its way.

First though I should wrap up my trip to NYCC. It was really fantastic got to meet some great artists like Bobby Chiu, David Mack, Michelle Dickens, and Ebas. Even made some contacts with comic companies that will hopefully flesh out into full comic gigs. And the best part is a friend of mine  got an interview with DC while there. I am so excited over that.

But now that all of that is done it is time for me to leave for Illuxcon in a few hours. It should be amazing I have a portfolio review lined up with Jon Schindehette, I will be getting many magic cards signed, and will get the pleasure to see Pat and Jeannie Wilshire again as that is always a highlight.

But now I must finish preparing for my departure but expect lots of awesome pictures and hopefully some good news.

PS if you happen to be there and want to play some magic hit me up. I shall have my decks with me and would love to get down on a game.
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Hey Everyone,

Just to let you know I will be attending NYCC this year. I do not have the booth but will be wandering around the convention center and such. So if for some reason you want to meet me and say hi feel free to find me. Just hit me up on twitter or some other such medium.  

Twitter name Level20Artist

Also expect some fancy new work to get posted very soon.
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Today I got my copy of Imagine FX issue number 72 the issue in which I am on the dvd. This issue was released in the US on August 11th so I am a bit behind with letting everyone know. But I wanted to see the issue first to know for sure that I was in it. And low and behold I am.

So if you can I say go pick up this issue it has a lot of awesome stuff in it and of course the cover is done by the great Bobby Chiu.
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Hey everybody long time no see. I was planning on posting some new work awhile ago but out of nowhere I got hit with so much stuff. Some extremely good and others really REALLY bad.

First of all I went on a small vacation to Florida to visit that family. It was great got to spend a lot of time with friends and family that I rarely get to. In fact I spent ALL my time with them. Which while great left little time for much else. I was able to get sketches done on some assignments, but not much else, thus the lack of posting.

While in Florida my mom insisted on going to Busch Gardens and HARRY POTTER WORLD!!!!!!!! And by that I mean Islands of Adventure. Which the trip there was amazing. I got lots of souvenirs including my own fancy new wand.

That was the "good" for my trip as far as the "bad" that happened on my return home. I was stricken with another bad stomach attack, bad enough even to send me to the hospital. Fortunately this time they figured out what was wrong. I had gallstones. And now I have to schedule a surgery to have my gallbladder removed. Not fun times especially considering my sudden change in diet. All in all though not too bad and this will cure my reoccurring attacks.

As you can see after all this hecticness it has been quite hard to get back in the posting rhythm. Fortunately I am back and do have all fun new goodies to share so expect them soon. And this time I mean it.
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Hey everyone like I had said previously I had to wait to show new art work but the time is neigh and I can start showing things.

First up is some new studies I did for Shadowrun's Spy Games book.

Since I do not post my studies to DA check then out on my blog.…

But expect to see the finishes here real soon.
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Hey everyone,

I know it has been a good long while since I wrote a journal entry or even uploaded any new art. But for those of you who I hope are still interested do not fret much new art is on the way. As of late I have been doing a lot of commissioned work for Legend of the 5 Rings and Shadowrun. I am unfortunately stuck in that awkward time where I have done a lot of work but can't show anything.  Fortunately it should be quite soon that I shall be able to show new work and believe me there will be a nice steady stream of stuff coming.

So for those of you still out there who are hopefully still interested and haven't unwatched me expect a lot of new stuff soon.
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Hey everyone,

Just wanted to let everyone know that I was featured in the latest issue (68) Dynamic Art, of Imagine FX.  Really cool to see my work printed in such a prestigious magazine.

Also I have not disappeared but have just been busy working on a lot of new illustrations for L5R and Shadowrun, which sadly I can not show yet.

However if you want to see what I am up to as well as my studies and such please check out my blog.
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Today I finally reached over 9000 page views, a truly epic landmark. It took me about a year and 7 months to do it.

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who sees my work and comments. I truly appreciate all the support. Again thank you so much.
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2010 has been quite an interesting year, hell it has been an amazing year.  I was very fortunate to start getting some really nice jobs, got into ImagineFX (although you won't see me in there till next year), and I won one of the Illuxcon scholarships. It has truly been an amazing year.

In fact I remember talking with a friend of mine Mike Burns :iconflammableperson: about how 2010 was our year.  See he as well as my other friend J. S. Choi :iconjschoi: have all started to get some great jobs this year, things for all of us have really picked up.  And if you are not familiar with their work please make sure to check them out.

It feels like our careers are really taking off.  Now I am eagerly looking forward to 2011.  I have some really cool gigs coming up that I can not wait to share with you guys, and I also have some really awesome personal projects and samples that will be done soon.  Also expect the third installment of my pin-up series to be posted soon. It is finished I just have to actually post it.

Hopefully 2011 can be just as exciting as 2010.  So cheers to a great new year to you and yours.

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Hey Finally got a chance to write a blog post all about my amazing experience at Illuxcon.  So if you are interested take a look…
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Currently I am sitting in my hotel room just waiting to head over to Illuxcon.  It is going to be intense so much stuff to do.  I am so excited.

I am sure I will have tons of new pictures and new stuff to share soon but until then I shall share my excitement.....

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I changed my icon on here and most my sites in honor of Spirit Day.  Just wondering have you guys as well?  

I know I have had way too many friends who have had to deal with LGBT bullying so I am giving my support.  So here is to all my LGBT friends.
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About a month and a half ago I was informed that I am scheduled to be in issue 67 of Imagine FX, (however the specific issue is subject to change). Imagine FX is a fantasy digital art magazine based out of the UK. I am set to be featured in the FXpose section.

Some of the art you'll see will be pieces from my sci-fi/fantasy pin-up series as well as my Beowulf series.

This is the first time I will be in Imagine FX so I am extremely excited. The issue itself will be released in the UK on February 8th and then between 3 to 4 week later here in the states. It will be awhile before it's out but I will make sure to keep everyone informed between now and then. Make sure you go pick up a copy.
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So I have been meaning to give this update for awhile but I keep forgetting. Over the summer I was extremely fortunate to get work with Fantasy Flight Games. They had me illustrate for one of their trading card games. I just wanted to express how great of an experience it was. Zoe and Mike were great to work with, it was really a lot of fun. Hopefully I will work with them again soon.

The product I worked on should be released sometime in December so expect to see the art and everything around then. Be sure to keep a look out for it.
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Hey everyone,

My buddy Close2deathnlife :iconvictraart: is open for commissions.  She is an extremely talented artist, and she does great work.  So please if you have some artwork that you want done.....



Please =)
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I just entered my piece The End of a Legend for a chance to win prizes from Corel.  Please if you would vote for my piece.  All you have to do is sign in and then vote.  You can also vote everyday so any help you can give would be extremely appreciated.  You can vote for my piece HERE.
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